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The House of Specters is a quest in Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones.


It seems the killer (or killers) has supernatural roots. I've been told that some kind of shadow beings are committing the murders. Witnesses claim these spectres withdraw to a certain house near the borderland west of Arkham. I've marked this house on my map. Is it finally time to confront them?

I found the house but a mysterious voice at the front door refused me entry. When I told him the Arkham Stabber was inside, he asked me to prove it. I will need to assemble all the evidence and present a complete case when I return. The voice is already growing hostile, and I suspect it would be unwise to test its patience further.

I related everything I discovered to the voice behind the door, and concluded my tale of deduction with the killer's identity the Terrible Old Man. That awful person from the legend turned out to be both the loon I encountered at the Old Eel, AND the owner of the voice at the door!

But is also seems I was wrong about the killer's identity, for it was not the old man himself, but Cheatin' Logan Dawkins and the rest of his spectral crew. The spectres' hatred of the thieves was actually what bound them to this plane, and with Keelan's death they dissipated before my very eyes. The last I saw of the old man, he was walking into the everlasting mists...

~ journal



Starting Conditions[]

This quest begins upon the completion of Where Wilkins Left Off.

Ending Conditions[]

This quest ends upon entering the House of Spectres


After completing Where Wilkins Left Off, head to the House of Spectres, Complete Keelan's Last Resort and Local Superstitions. Then after you have arrived at the house of spectres speak to the voice behind the door, you will need to answer several questions to enter safely. The answers are as follows:

  • Kingsport
  • Salvadore, Able, Julian, Keelan
  • Pirate Cutlass
  • In retribution for his stolen gold.
  • I don't have that information.
  • The terrible old man.

After answering all these things you will enter the house, completing the quest.

Required Items[]

There are several required items, without which the player character will not be able to provide the correct answers. The character must have read and be in possession of the following: