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This article serves as a guide for all major locations available to the player character in Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones.

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Stygian takes place in the Lovecraftian city of Arkham, a fictionalized New England set in the 1920s that, during the fateful events of the Black Day, was transported to an unknown sphere of the cosmos. The city and its outskirts is inhabited by a demoralized, poverty-stricken colony of survivors with few children among them. They contend with mobsters, cultists, and unknowable entities to keep what little they have left as the malignant forces that transported them to this desolate world seek to ensnare them.

Arkham (City)[]

Arkham City Map


Main Street[]

French Hill[]

Arkham (Greater)[]

Arkham (Greater)

Pilgrim's Parish[]


Certain areas not visible on the world map can be found during a random encounter, designated as Wilderness. Most of these locations can only be visited once, when the character first encounters them


Several locations are only accessible through methods other than travel


* The Witch House and subsequent locations are only accessible through storyline progression. Once entered, the player character will not be able to go back.

† These wilderness locations are not fixed. However, once found they will be available for the character to revisit.