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Research & Crafting are essential mechanics available to the player character in Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones. Through research, characters can learn formulas for various tools, weapons, drugs, and medicines. Characters can also use research to determine the properties of occult items and study spell manuscripts.

Research Skills[]

There are three types of research available depending on the skills employed by the character:

  • Medical Research: The character searches for a formula by examining medical related crafting components in the inventory.
  • Occult Research: The character studies a chosen tome, manuscript or artifact to gain more insight on the mythos. Occult research is used for learning new spells and identifying the powers and maledictions of artifacts.
  • Scientific Research: The character searches for a blueprint by examining science related crafting components in the inventory.

Survival recipes are also available to the character upon improving their Survival skill. (These recipes will automatically become available at predetermined skill ranks).


Aside from research, characters can learn formulas by acquiring and studying physical blueprints on their exploits. Once learned, each blueprint is categorized as either a Formula, Blueprint, or Recipe in the character's formal index dependent on the associated skill. Medical blueprints become formulas, Scientific blueprints remain blueprints, and Survival blueprints become recipes. For a list of craftable items related to each skill, see:


Spells can be learned through Occult research only if the character has acquired the spell manuscript in question. Similarly, the properties of a given artifact can only be learned if the character has the artifact in their inventory.


Once a formula has been learned, either through research or by acquiring the physical blueprint, the formula will remain available in the character's crafting index from that point onward. Before a character can craft any given item, they must have the required components and they must have access to the appropriate facility.


Facilities in Stygian are work stations available to the character for crafting. There are two types of facilities:

  • Lab Table: Used to craft Medical formula items, often in tandem with a Chemistry Set
  • Workbench: Used to craft Scientific blueprint items, often in tandem with a Toolbox

Either of these types of crafting stations can be used to craft Survival recipes.


Crafting requires the use of components. Components may be specific, or they may only require an item with a particular crafting trait. Possible crafting traits include:

  • Alcohol
  • Glass
  • Leather
  • Liquer Base
  • Metal
  • Textile
  • Wood